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Friday, June 03, 2005

Standing burnt and barren

The KFC where people used to have a good time together eating out, now stands devastated.

This act of vandalism by the people resulted in an irrecoverable loss of 6 lives - 6 people burned alive inside the KFC. Those people, whoever burned the KFC and the vehicles on the streets, are the murderers of those 6 innocent people!

Not a place for eating out anymore. Now acting more like a symbol of the stupidity and jaahil-ness of the people.

The plants lying thrashed outside the KFC.

This used to be the dining area, at the ground floor. I myself had visited it quite a number of times.

The stairs inside the KFC, leading to the first floor ... a memorable place for me.


  • hey guru. these pictures are very saddening and moving. i dont have n e thing to say apart from expressing solitude at the pure evil nature tht humans can go to. may allah help us and them.

    By Blogger Stranger, at 12:25 AM  

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