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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Irtiqa III video by EP

Entity Paradigm, EP for short, spurs out another offbeat video of another of their offbeat songs; Irtiqa III it is this time.

The video has a good concept, however the direction, by Xulfi, is not crisp and leaves a lot to be desired. The song itself is ranked quite high by some people (most EP fans), but when it comes to me Irtiqa III just doesn't click. It has too much of shouting! And whatever happened to the notion of melody!

The video features a person (or is the main character that toy bunny?) who is surrounded by lies, in the form of propaganda from the media (newspapers), and the military, the politicians, the mullahs, the philosophers trying to mould his mind and thoughts.

And in the end he breaks free of it, depicted through a similar visual as that of their website -- the guy holding hands up as the pigeon breaks free from somewhere.

All in all it's a different, albeit mediocre, video. It doesn't have a lasting value ... it will be off the channels soon. So catch it ASAP, currently Exclusively only on The Musik!

Rating: Above Average


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