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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Microsoft Windows Vista - The Official Name for Longhorn

The next slated release of Windows, popularly known by the code-name Longhorn, has finally been given an official launch name by Microsoft - Vista!

After being continuously delayed, it is now due in 2006, with the first Beta projected to be released 3rd August, targeted at developers and IT professionals.

This is the marketing tagline for Vista:
Clear, Confident, Connected: Bringing clarity to your world.

The new name 'Vista' doesn't appear to have had any good impression on people, judging by the posts at Neowin. Yet, it appears nice to me, and refreshing, specially after witnessing some of the wallpapers.



  • Vista? *scratches her head* Vista eh? *repeats it a couple of times* it doesnt sound very attractive, but anyway. Hey Gurpeetay! caughtcha bloggin'. Well, not really. But good to see you bloggin' anyway. Continue to do so .. You have been 'pinned' @ Minigma ;)

    By Blogger Maria, at 8:18 AM  

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