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Monday, August 22, 2005

Great Logos

In my zeal to find great (website) designs and anything pleasing to the eye, I came across Miš i Pile a small logo designing firm from Croatia. Small is an under-statement for this design firm, headed by two people (spouses), specially after looking at their portfolio of 200+ superbly designed logos. Each logo distinctive from the rest, and each one logolicious.

Designing a logo is certainly a tough job. One requires not only a creative mind, but also the ability to get inspired. I mostly tend to play with fonts whenever I try to create a logo. Nonetheless, one does need a graphical representation (an icon of sorts) in a logo to depict the whole concept of your product or brand in one single element.

Here are some logos of Miš i Pile that I am showcasing here:

Love that combination of fonts - such contrast.

Very nicely designed. A ruby colored sky with
stars and a moon ... looking marvellous.

Oh this one has a guru, may be I can get some inspiration
from this one for my own logo.

Another diamond design, and again it's the font that is having
such an effect, with that perfectly placed diamond.

Nice, simple, and getting the message across very well.

The coolest thing about this logo is that the clock is showing
24 past 7, depicting 24/7.

A logo for a night club - funky, trendy, colorful.

Seems like the title logo of a sci-fi movie.

University. Students. Community. A logo to represent that all.

So any ideas for how should I go about designing my logo for Guru's World? Any ideas? Inspirations?


  • thanks for liking my designs and linking to us, means a lot :)

    By Anonymous Luka Pensa | Mis i Pile, at 3:54 PM  

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  • We paid these people in advance because they looked reliable and trustworthy. We never got any replies and not 1 logo.

    By Blogger rbondy007, at 2:56 AM  

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