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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Vdo :: Sali by Shehzad Roy

No no, we are not talking about Shehzad Roy's 'sali' (sister-in-law), but rather about his new song titled Sali.

The Roy boy is back after a gap of over three years. A lot of things happened while he was away. First, Ali Zafar took over Roy's crown as the solo Pop icon of Pakistan. Following that, Atif dethroned Ali Zafar and is now crowned as the king of solo Pop in Pakistan. So while the cat (Shehzad Roy) was away, the mice (Ali Zafar and Atif) played, and took over as well.

So what Roy boy has come up with this time? Judging from the song and video of Sali, we are going to witness a rejuvinated Shehzad Roy, all ready to claim his throne back.

Sali is a hip and masti number. But what does the word - Sali - itself mean? Sali is a slang, kind of a gaali (swearing) here in the subcontinent. The word actually means sister-in-law. Roy claims that he has not used it as a slang, and that sali refers to the theme/story in the video - he's calling someone's actual sister-in-law in the video as sali. So is he trying to say that he wrote that song based on the video (that is, the video/story was made first and THEN he penned the lyrics)? But surely that's not the case. The story of the video was created as such, so as to i) make 'sali' appear as referring to a relationship, ii) to avoid censorship of his song, iii) AND to avoid ruining Roy boy's goody good image into a bad boy. But the hidden truth definitely is that sali is uttered as a slang.

Coming to the video, it's not much to write home about, except for Shehzad Roy himself. Roy has acted pretty well. He is looking quite young (younger than before), with short hair. Different style. Looking good. Danced well. Performed well. It won't be a surprise if girls tear off posters of the Atifs and the Zafars from their rooms and adorn Shehzad Roy once again.

I won't dare compare him to Ali Zafar coz Shehzad has been here since 10 years. But yes, his antics - his style and appearance - does appear to reflect that of Ali Zafar (a la Rangeen). Nonetheless, Shehzad has got his own style, and he even looks and performs better than Ali Zafar (in my opinion).

The video is directed by the Ahsan-Amena duo. Javed Shaikh is also there, playing an important role.

And the song ... it's a hit already!

The album is also out! It's called Buri Baat Hai. Released by Sadaf Stereo in Pakistan. Finally, the barren land of Paki Pop is again bearing fruit after a long dry spell (bcoz of the raids on Audio/CD/DVD companies here).

Video Rating Below Average (5.5 out of 10)

Song Rating Good (7 out of 10)


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  • hey...nice blog...really interesting...i liked that mice and cat thing...hehe...
    will keep a track of ur postings from now on...seems like music is the 'key' link...
    if u get time check out my blog

    By Anonymous medha, at 6:54 PM  

  • hummm...see...this is wot happens when u dont give ur e-mail id coz then i'll havta post all da replies out here ;)...and some1 hu views it will obviously think i m some weirdo...toking abt some bizzare stuff tat isint even related to ur post or something...hehe
    neways...dude u r really freaking me out...u seem to b liking the same stuff as me (paahhhllleezz...dont take me in tat sense!)..i mean.. i luvd silk route and euphoria (especially tat song - ab na jaa... hear it if u havnt)and ya...jal, bryan adams (and the rest) and dude..KARAM?? i thought i was the only 1 on da planet to like tat movie...humm...its basically getiing too long. looks like a mail or something! but ya...also, i m not all tat obsessed wid ali zafar... So DONT TEASE ME ABT IT...(blush,blush);)c u around..chao

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