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Thursday, February 02, 2006

A night to remember - Bryan Adam's Concert

One of the most awaited concerts of Pakistan finally happened - Bryan Adams performed live, in Karachi! Any amount of words could not express how wonderful the event was. It was awesome!

Tickets to Rock!

Price: Rs 3,500 each
From: ARY Cash n' Carry

I bought the tickets on the last day as I was not sure about who else was willing to accompany me, so I had to wait till the last hour. The tickets cost Rs 3,500 each (I ended up buying a deal on one ticket, where the ARY folks were offering six months paid Warid postpaid mobile connection for Rs 1,000 extra). I bought the tickets at 2:30 PM on Sunday (on the day of the concert), and I came to know that the gates of the venue will remain open from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm. So I had to hurry!

On my way to the concert!

The venue: Arabian Sea Country Club
Location: Unknown

I had just a vague idea of where the AS Country Club was - somewhere in Defence, near the Golf and Creek Club. Anyhowz, I chose to go there through cab, called up White Radio Cab, and had a cab waiting for me within 10 mins. I left my home at 5:15 pm.

Even the cab booking guys knew about the concert:

Me: Yeah, I need a cab.
Operator: What's the destination?

Me: Arabian Sea Country Club
Operator: Concert mein ja rahay hain?
Me: jee


And while in the cab, I found out that the Club is not in Defence, but in Steel Town. The cab driver down found it out by communicating over the radio at their HQ:

Driver: Sir, which Arabian Sea Club they wanna go to?
Sir: Woh concert hai na ... angraiz aa raha hai jahan pe ... Steel Town mein.


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