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Friday, June 03, 2005

Standing burnt and barren

The KFC where people used to have a good time together eating out, now stands devastated.

This act of vandalism by the people resulted in an irrecoverable loss of 6 lives - 6 people burned alive inside the KFC. Those people, whoever burned the KFC and the vehicles on the streets, are the murderers of those 6 innocent people!

Not a place for eating out anymore. Now acting more like a symbol of the stupidity and jaahil-ness of the people.

The plants lying thrashed outside the KFC.

This used to be the dining area, at the ground floor. I myself had visited it quite a number of times.

The stairs inside the KFC, leading to the first floor ... a memorable place for me.


The Aga Khan Laboratory/Pharmacy

It was not just the KFC, but also the Aga Khan University (AKU) Laboratory and Pharmacy, which was burned and destroyed!

Now this can't be the work of normal people ... the average public, who go about their daily life without interferring in other people's business.

There must have been so many reports - blood reports, urine reports, and what not - in there. These tests and reports are costly, and someone might be needing the urgently. For somone, it might be a matter of life and death. The lab was totally burnt from the inside. And so was the pharmacy.

The people who were responsible for such pathetic acts should be defaced in the public. Tie them up on the main intersections of the city!

Nothing left of the PSO station

The PSO pump was turned into ruins by the mob. This station was sitauted right adjusant to the KFC, and just a little away from the mosque where the actual blast took place.

A man looking at the remains of the petrol pump. Nothing left.

Petrol pumps and cars ... lived together, burned together.

Full tank?

A yellow cab and a pick up - what was the fault of these cars and their owners?

The remains

People visiting the destroyed petrol pump to witness the monstrosity of the people themselves.

The cash looted ... the papers burnt ... nothing remains.

So how much are you selling it for? Can I go for a trial?

Destroyed ... completely.

Oh ... let me clean up my sandals on a burned vehicle ... I may not get such an opportunity again.

A cap that is usually worn for namaz/salaat, lying on the hood of the burnt yellow cab.

Aaah I am gonna get my car serviced, to make it clean and shiny.

A lubricants truck, carrying petroleum products at the back.

Not able to Shell itself

The Shell petrol pump being one of the two petrol pumps that were burned down, adjusant to the KFC and the mosque where the blast happened. The Shell station was not in such dire condition as that of the PSO, but still, it tasted fire too.

The police guards

The police are standing guard at the mosque where the suicide bombing took place, in which one police officer was also killed trying to stop the suicide bomber from getting into the mosque. Two of the assiliants were killed - one blasted himself, the other was shot down - while one was injured and captured alive by the police.

Thanks to the police for such bravery and for risking their own lives for saving the innocent people, and may Allah grant the deceased policeman a place in Heaven. Ameen.

More carnage

Almost all the shops on that road (of the mosque and KFC) were vandalised and burned. Is this the work of the public? NO! Can the public burn and destroy their own property and vehicles? Not at all!

It was planned and schemed by the harbingers of terror.

I talked to a couple of people who had shops in that area, and one of them said that he was praying in the same mosque where the blast happened, and when he came out, the mob was thrashing his shop.

A cycle shop.

A pay phone.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Debris being cleared from the road, where the vehicles burned last night.

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